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Consulting Firm: Accenture 2nd round full time job interview. Industry Coverage: retail. Case Interview Question #01234: Our client Cartier's Superfoods Ltd is a chain of supermarkets and grocery food stores based in the London metropolitan area in the United Kingdom. The first Cartier's food stores were small local grocers
Interview Type: Behavioral and Fit Interviews. Consulting Firm: Accenture first round job interview. Industry Coverage: None Number of Questions: 200. 401. Give me an example of how you lead or participated in a team and what were the outcomes, in the second round interview. 402. Give me an example of team work.
Consulting giant Accenture has developed a workplace strategy called "Workplace 2.0," which they piloted ...
The Case Study facilitator then asked several Management Consultancy type questions, such as; What would you do if you were brought as a consultant to advise the company? How would you improve their brand? How would you ensure that the concerns of the employees are addressed? How would you
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Accenture Strategy business case type? Bisher beste Antwort von 2 Antworten: Victoria. Experte. Ex-Accenture Strategy Consultant, Career Coach (5yrs). Hi, I can help with both interviews, have done them myself. 1) You will get a company example and it is either going to a new market or opening a new product. You will

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