accountants compilation report for personal financial statements

audited, reviewed, or compiled the statement. Each of the personal financial statements should include a reference to the accountant's report such as: See Accountant's Report. 4. Obtaining a Management Representation Letter for a Compilation of Personal. Financial Statements: If the CPA compiles personal financial
Running for public office. Users of personal financial statements may seek CPA involvement to provide an independent voice about the reliability of the information. In this capacity, a CPA could audit, review, or merely issue a compilation report on personal financial statements depending on the level of assurance desired.
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nature of any such matters to be communicated. • The effect of any independence impairments on the expected form of the accountant's compilation report, if applicable. These matters should be communicated in the form of an engagement letter. Examples of engagement letters for a compilation of financial statements are.
Source: SSARS No. 6 .01 This section provides an exemption from section 80, Compilation of. Financial Statements, for personal financial statements that are included in written personal financial plans prepared by an accountant, and specifies the form of written report required under the exemption.1 However, this
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Predecessor and Successor. Accountants. X. AR Section 600. (SSARS No. 6, as amended). Reporting on Personal. Financial Statements Included in Written Personal Financial. Plans. X. AR Section 110. (SSARS No. 13, as amended). Compilation of Specified. Elements, Accounts, or Items of a Financial Statement. X.

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